SHB History
Here is how the Southern Harmony Boys (SHB) came to be. David and Joseph met in 1994 when Joseph joined the Masters Quartet. They became good friends and sang in a couple of groups together. In late 1999 they both found themselves not singing, and they decided that they wanted to start their own group. David thought they ought to give Pete Rose a call and see if he would be interested in singing with them. Joseph and David decided to just pray about it for a while. Some time passed and Joseph gave Pete a call one night and asked him what he thought about putting a group together with David. His response was this, "It's funny you ask, because not two weeks ago, my wife asked me to give you and David a call and see if you guys wanted to sing together." This floored Joseph. In his mind he had doubt, and God removed all doubt when he just simply took the first step. They knew then that God was putting this group together.

The three men met together one night at Joseph's house in October of 1999. They didn't really sing much, but they did a lot of talking and praying. They wanted to do things right, and first and foremost make God the center of attention, and the pivotal point that all matters revolve around. They started out with no money, no CD's to sell, no group transportation, and no sound equipment of any kind. They literally started from nothing. All they had were some soundtracks. That's it. Thankfully, they were able to borrow some sound equipment from a local church, and they went and sang. Joseph was the tenor, Pete was the lead, and David was the baritone. Eventually, the church needed to use their sound equipment for a new youth ministry they were embarking on, so the sound system was given back. Just enough money had been saved at that time to go and buy the bare essentials it took for a sound system. It took everything they had saved, but they didn't have to spend a dime out of their own pockets. It was clear that God was putting this group together.
Group personnel changes are inevitable. Pete was the first. Pete was a coach and he and his family got an offer they couldn't refuse in Corsicana, Texas. So they moved, and for about a year he stayed with the group and made the commute back and forth to sing. It was about a three-hour trip one way for them to make. Pete's wife ran the sound for them at the time and they had two small girls that made the trips too. This took a toll on them, and Pete discussed it with us, and he decided to
resign from the group.
The group needed another man, and they really didn't even have to look for one. David called Joseph one day and said "I've found a young man to sing with us and he is a tenor!" His name was Lloyd Mahaffey and he lived in Marshall, Texas. Lloyd was going to sing a special at their church one Sunday morning, and David wanted Joseph to meet him. Joseph went and they all met, and Lloyd became a Southern Harmony Boy. Lloyd officially joined the group in May 2002. Things were going along real good as a trio for the Boys, and there was no doubt God had a hand in this group.
One evening Joseph called David and said, "I want a bass singer." David said, "Okay." Joseph said he didn't want just any bass singer, he wanted Marlin Dorsey, and that if they couldn't get Marlin then he didn't want a bass at all. Marlin had been singing bass since he was sixteen years old with his family group the Dorsey Quartet for the past twenty-four years. Knowing that the Dorsey Quartet had disbanded, Joseph gave Marlin a call one night and asked him if he was singing with anyone. At the time, Marlin was singing with a group called Southern Cross out of Tyler, Texas. Joseph told him to just keep singing, and if anything ever happened with that group to call because he had a standing invitation to sing bass for SHB. About six months later Marlin gave Joseph a call at home one night and asked, "Where are you guys singing this Sunday?" Come to find out, Southern Cross had disbanded and that made Marlin available. Joseph's response was, "You're hired!" Marlin Dorsey officially joined the group in August 2002.
One thing I forgot to mention was that Lloyd was a coach too! And once again, change was inevitable. Lloyd was coaching in Tatum, Texas and living in Marshall with his wife and two kids. Being a coach takes a lot of your time. He got a job in Winona, Texas and had to move his family to Tyler to be closer to his job. He and his wife's family were from around there. So Lloyd moved and resigned from the group.
They did not have any idea what they were going to do this time. Marlin mentioned at practice one night that he knew of a guy that he thought would do a good job for the group. He lived in Henderson where Marlin was from. His name was Taylor Reynolds. Marlin called him and asked him if he would be interested in singing tenor for the group. He hadn't sung in a group for quite a while, so he wanted to talk to his wife about it. She was in support where Taylor was still skeptical. So Taylor came to practice one night to audition. They sang a few old songs together and he did a pretty good job. Marlin, David, and Joseph went to another room to talk about the decision at hand, and when they went back into the room where they had been singing, Taylor had his back to the guys and didn't see them open the door. He had started singing a song that group does, and he was singing it by himself. They were not only impressed but they were blessed. Taylor officially became a Southern Harmony Boy in August of 2004.

The Southern Harmony Boys officially disbanded as of September 2007.

On Friday of January 3, 2014 David gets a phone call from Joseph asking him (David) to meet him (Joseph) at the local "Applebee's", a famous restaurant where great things happen! Much to David's surprise, Mickey Rodgers and Taylor Reynolds also arrived. This was a meeting to re-establish The Southern Harmony Boys.

Now we are preparing to put things in motion and minister through music as God leads.

Please keep us in your prayers that God continues to bless this ministry